Renovation Journey with Lisa

We’ve heard the phrase: “less is more.” many times in our lives. Such concept has slowly integrated into the realm of interior design as well. Instead of a fanciful luxurious home, many of us prefer to live in a functional and uncluttered home. Well, simplicity does not necessary mean unimaginative and boring. In this article, we’ll explore the minimalistic designs mainly in the living room and bedroom.

Living Room

The interior design of a living room is of prime importance because this is where the family come together for bonding after a tiring day of work. Since the theme was set as modern and minimalistic, we’ll expect earth tone and monochrome colours. Paired with appropriate lightings, the interior space of the above living room looks effortlessly stylish and chic at one glance.

Minimalistic interior design often involves the concept of having open spaces. As such, space planning is crucial. To make use of a limited space efficiently, the shoe cabinet is integrated together with the TV feature wall. A sliding mirror is installed for 2 main purposes. 1) To enlarge the space visually 2) For convenience sake – allow the owners to check on themselves before leaving the house. There is a sette space hidden behind the sliding mirror which saves space. Next to the shoe cabinet, open shelves are built accordingly to owners’ height preferences which can be used to display items that hold sentimental value for the owners. Accessories such as carpet and even the choice of the plant used next to the TV console were selected with caution so that they will fit into the colour scheme of the home. The secret to a well-designed home is to pay full attention to every detail.


Bright lightings are used in the bedroom as well which gives people an impression of cleanliness and orderliness. We can see a wooden partition built right next to the door, the divider splits the entrance and bed area thus, ensuring privacy. To add a more stylish vibe, display spaces are designed on the partition. Collectibles or photo frames could be used as an element of decoration. Thus, making the space more personalized and more homely for the owners. Such spaces (as seen on the open shelves in the living room as well) were created as we believe that a home should tell the story of the owners and an exhibition of what they love.

An open wardrobe is ideal for the bedroom as a conventional wardrobe we see in furniture shops tend to make a limited space look more cluttered. The use of wood tones on walls, ceilings and on the open wardrobe makes the space seems more cozy. We also note that the room is completed with simple furnishings and accessories are kept to a minimal. Despite the simplicity, the elegance of the space is not compromised. Hence, adhering to the idea of “less is more.”

Dresser area is set up for daily makeup/skincare routine for the lady of the house. Tinted mirrors were used  to add a more romantic ambience and to soften the strong overall look produced by the dark laminated bed head finish. The mirrors enlarge the space visually which is important as space constraints were a problem when designing the room. Bright lightings were used to tackle space constraints as the illusion of a larger space can be produced by brighter lightings reflected off the surfaces of walls.

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