Completed Projects

Modern & Industrial 5 Room BTO HDB Home Interior Design at Chua Chu Kang North

Modern interior design is a style of its own that is often timeless and iconic that usually follows a neutral colour palette.

Living Room Modern Design

The living room follows a neutral colour palette of different hues of grey, black and white. The wooden vinyl flooring is a nice and modern touch. The false ceiling with installed lighting gives the room a cosier feel.

Marble TV Featured wall in Modern Living Room

The feature marbled wall behind the tv gives an elegant look to the room and also stands out behind the black tv and tv console. Black shelving on both sides is also a clever way to display your masterpieces. A black aircon unit is also something different and unique, what a way to follow the theme of the room.

Modern Kitchen Sink Interior Design Idea

The kitchen is open concept and also follows the neutral colour scheme of the house. Part of the kitchen wall has also been broken down and fixed up with a window to allow for more natural light to flow into the house and is also a nice modern touch. An island fixed with a sink and stove in the middle of the kitchen brings it some character while the silver stove chimney really stands out while it reflects light coming in from the window.

The hallway to the front door is lined with floor to ceiling cabinets for shoe storage. There is a gap in between the cupboards with lighting installed for display of your art pieces. The cabinets are grey and follow the neutral colour palette of the house.

The shared bathroom boasts matching stone-like tiles on the walls and floor. Modern metal elements like the shower set, tap and hooks look good against it.

Industrial Dining Area

The dining room boasts a wooden dining set against a greyscale feature wall that is the perfect contrast against each other. The wooden grandfather clock is a nice traditional touch in a modern home, truly a timeless timepiece. Above the dining table, hangs an elegant chandelier that looks great against the grey theme of the walls.

Bedroom Design with Industrial Theme

The greyscale feature wall is a nice touch against the dark wooden bedroom doors.

The bedroom, as with the rest of the house, follows a neutral colour theme. The built-in floor to ceiling wardrobe features a stone-like vinyl wrap which truly gives it a modern touch and looks good against the white walls and light wooden floors. A display cabinet with glass doors also allows you to display your most prized processions.

The master bedroom has a false ceiling installed with lights to brighten up the space and a built-in floor to ceiling cabinet with an opaque sliding door for a modern touch. The purple bedframe is a nice pop of colour against the neutral colour theme of the room.

Industrial Theme Master bedroom toilet

The master toilet has marbled tiles for both the walls and floor of a different greyscale colour, keeping in theme with the house. Wide mirrored cabinets for additional storage also brightens up the space and makes the space look bigger than it really is. The bottom storage cabinets are also wrapped in the same stone-like vinyl wrapped as the previous bedroom. Lighting has also been installed behind the mirrored cabinets is a unique form of lighting, ladies will especially be appreciative of it when dressing up.

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