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Modern Classic 4 Room HDB Home Interior Design at Punggol Central

Overview of Dining Room and Kitchen

This Modern Classic apartment boasts a design with clean lines, giving the space a largely uncluttered and open feel. The use of mirrors through the entire apartment also helps to enlarge one’s perception of the space, making the apartment interior seem large and spacious.

The colour scheme of the dining room area is largely monochromatic black and white, with the panels of darker colour on the ceiling providing an elegant contrast to the space. The darker ceiling panels also provide a handy location to install lights in an unobtrusive manner.

The dining room area also boasts a wooden bar counter, complete with red chairs to provide a visual pop of colour. This is undoubtedly an elegant addition to any apartment, and it gives the overall apartment a sense of sophistication.

Classic Modern Kitchen & Living Hall Design

Additionally, there is a convenient corner for placing various kitchen equipment, which ensures that the kitchen area becomes less crowded. The fridge is also strategically placed outside the kitchen to prevent clutter.

Overview of Dining Room and Kitchen 2

The kitchen is located next to the fridge, through a glass door. Inside, the kitchen is spacious and comes with a powerful gas stove, an over as well as a microwave. The wood panels used in the cupboard design gives a muted tone to the kitchen that is easy on the eyes.

Modern Classic Living Hall Interior Design

In contrast with the dining room area, the living room is a smaller area that provides a cosy nook for the family to huddle together and enjoy their favourite television shows. The large glass panel windows are perfect for letting natural sunlight stream into the room, brightening the space. The turquoise throw cushions also provide hints of colour on the cream white couch, and together they contrast with, yet compliment the darker carpet well.

Study Room Design

This apartment boasts a large number of rooms for different purposes, such as a study room done up using wood panels that make the room seem more cozy, and a gym area for the household’s fitness needs.

Glass Cabinet Modern Classic

The bedroom is separated from the study room with a large glass sliding panel door. Once again, the use of mirrors on the outside of cupboard doors as well as the transparent sliding door enhance the perception of an open and spacious area in the apartment.

Bedroom Design

The bedroom is warm and cozy, with yellow lighting, an azure blue bedspread, and wooden panels adding to the overall aesthetic of the bedroom. The room also comes with a handy panel at the foot of the bed for convenient placing of personal items, as well as a shelf space on the wall for decorations.

Glass Cabinet and Side Cabinet

The dresser in the far corner of the bedroom also provides a great space for the household to freshen up and look their best before heading out on their day.

The bathroom in this apartment is of a darker hue compared to the rest of the house, with the shower area conveniently separated from the rest of the bathroom with a glass panel to prevent the unnecessary splashing of water during showering.

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