Completed Projects

Budget Luxury 4-room HDB Home Refurbishing at 288B Bukit Batok

This home renovation made full use of the existing elements in the home, rearranging and adding additional elements that brought together the overall look of luxury. The red and black furniture with gold fixtures brings together the look of a mini palace. An added bonus: The owners didn’t have to throw away any existing furniture in the house. 

The main issues raised were a lack of working and storage space in the kitchen, something which contributed to the overall untidiness of the home. To dissolve this, we added shelving above and below the kitchen top, as well as a large cabinet which blended into the kitchen as part of the entrance from the living room. 

We replaced the table top with a black quartz, a durable material that can withstand the owner’s heavy usage. The addition of a sliding door between the kitchen and living hall to contain the cooking oil and grease within the kitchen space.

Give your home the Midas touch with gold accents. In order to preserve the original furniture, Stylerider made use of gold fixtures along the walls and doors on top of a fresh coat of paint. The addition of the chandelier creates a sense of harmony with the other luxurious elements, achieving the desired theme of budget luxury.

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