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Eclectic 5 Room HDB Home Interior Design at Punggol Waterway Brooks

An eclectic interior design draws inspiration from different colour palettes and design styles, rather than sticking to a specific interior design style.  This approach might sound like a mess; hence it is extremely important that every element is carefully chosen and works together.

Common area with walkway

The front of the house is half Scandinavian and half modern. The wooden dining table with black metal lights hanging over it brings about a certain charm. The light-coloured couch is a unique colour contrast against it. The wooden elevated platform behind the couch is a nice area for home workouts or meditation.

living room and common areas

The living room boasts a false ceiling with light installation to bring about a modern touch. The glass sliding doors that lead to the balcony channels in loads of natural light to brighten up the space.

tv console and cabinets

The tv is attached to a feature wall with black striped elements that really makes it stand out. Beside that, built-in floor to ceiling cabinets in a brown and cream colour scheme sit beside it elegantly and allows for additional storage space. Adjacent to the cabinets is a tinted mirrored wall that help reflect the natural sunlight streaming in from the window directly infront of it, additionally brightening up the room.

eclectic modern design modern shoe cabinet and diplay divider

Behind the tinted mirrored wall is a floor to ceiling shoe cabinet with a gap in between for display and storage purposes.

eclectic modern open concept dry kitchen with counter tables

The kitchen is an open concept kitchen that boasts a granite bar counter on the outside. The floor to ceiling glass sliding doors give an option of closing off the space when needed.

eclectic modern wet kitchen with glass door

The interior of the kitchen mainly follows a neutral colour scheme of black and cream, with a hint of wood vinyl wrapping on the cupboard. The green backsplash is a fun and unique pop of colour to the neutral colour scheme of the kitchen.

The first bedroom’s wall is partially knocked down and installed with a glass panel to mimic the appearance of a window. This allows additional light flow into the room from the balcony, also fitted with roller blinds for privacy when necessary. The floor to ceiling built -in cabinets are fitted in the room for storage space and some compartments are fitted with glass panels for easier access to your belongings. They also look better than normal solid cabinet doors. The bedroom door has a darker wooden stripe on it for a more unique touch.

Eclectic modern bedroom 2 cabinet

The second bedroom is fitted with a built-in floor to ceiling wardrobe with an abstract design on its door for a unique, modern and artistic flair. It brings out the character in the room against its neutral colour palette. A false ceiling with installed lights adds an interesting touch to the lighting in the room.

Across the wardrobe is a fully windowed wall which is a nice feature and allows for maximum natural light flow into the room. Shutter blinds are also installed for convenient light flow control.

The bathroom also follows a neutral colour palette with white, cream and black elements. The wide mirrored installed on the wall reflects natural light from the small window, brightening up the room. It also makes the bathroom look bigger than it actually is. The white sink against the black granite counter makes for a good colour contrast.

eclectic modern bathroom toilet shower area

Across from that is the shower area. White tiles line the walls with an eccentric stripe of colours for an interesting and unique touch.

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