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Eclectic & Mid-Century Condominium Home Interior Design at 38 Rivieria Condominium

With its clean lines and cool vibe, mid-century modern decor has been popular for about the last decade. The comfortable and stylish designs fit with today’s more casual lifestyle and open floor plans like this penthouse.

Nothing can really go wrong if you choose a colour palette and stick to it. Neutral colours like black and grey are abundant this airy and bright living room. As seen in the pictures, a false drop-down ceiling lined with bold black lights stand out beautiful against the greyish colour scheme of the room.

Wall colour or wallpaper can help to elevate the look of a room greatly. This grey patterned wallpaper adds character into the living space.

Love having friends over for gatherings? Consider adding in a small bar area into your living space to impress your friends and family with your bartending skills.

Eclectic mid-modern interiors usually include a mixture of materials. This dining set for example is a mixture of stone and plastic.

Blinds can be installed in the balcony area to help keep the heat and sun out on extremely hot days.

Rattan furniture for outdoor spaces are really popular as they are waterproof and UV resistant so that the colours do not fade easily as they are exposed to sunlight. These dark wooden planks are also a perfect choice of flooring as they are a good insulator of heat.

Condominiums in Singapore usually have higher ceilings as compared to HDB flats. You can choose to make use of the extra height by installing bunk beds.

Bunk beds are space efficient and will give you more room to accommodate other features into your bedroom, especially for families with more than one child.

Having saved more space with the bunk beds, the additional space allows you to accommodate other features into your room like a study area.

Another great way to maximise the space in your room are pull-out beds. Pull out beds are connected to a bed frame and can be pulled out whenever needed.

Mirrors in bedrooms help to brighten up the space as it reflects the natural light that flows in from the windows.

This bedroom is rather simple as compared to the previous one. It boasts built in cabinets with a full-length mirror as well as a glass display cabinet to store your personal items.

Floor to ceiling built in cabinets are usually popular as they help to maximise the use of space in the room, giving you additional storage space as well.

A simple wall mounted floating desk can be built in as well if a normal desk is too bulky. Shelving and cabinets can also be mounted above the desk to maximise the use of wall space.

An all-white bathroom is clean and simple.

Rattan furniture is also used on the top level of this penthouse, similar to the furniture on the balcony. Waterproof and UV resistant, they are a perfect choice for a pool side. Wooden decking parquet is a popular choice for pool sides as they are non-slip and are good insulators for the heat.

Tinted windows are also a popular choice for bedrooms overlooking pools as they help to block out the excess sunlight that may be reflected by the water.

Sliding doors are unique and space efficient.

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