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Eclectic & Modern 5 Room HDB Home Interior Design at Rivervale Crescent

In an era of bold art and even bolder design, it is easy to forget the beauties of classical design. Hues of beige, cream, and light wood characterise this well-established design choice. Frivolous ornaments are noticeably lacking, allowing the resident and viewers to soak in the calming neutral vibes of a classically decorated flat.

Kitchen designed with eclectic and Modern theme

The kitchen sets the tone for the over-arching design pattern well. Even the fridge, commonly found to be sporting a metallic futuristic countenance, finds itself painted with an earthier tone. Complementing it are spartan white countertops and light brown bodies.

Here in the living room, depressed lights maintain the clean lines of the ceiling. Dark brown floating mounts prevent clutter from items even as bulky as bicycles. Aesthetic lines indented into the walls run parallel with the television and storage spaces to complete the look.

The dining room continues the trend of sandy hues. In a slightly more modern spin on the classic dining chandelier, a more practical luminescence is paired together with a ceiling mounted fan that throws flattering shadows form the seating beneath.

toilet with built-in shelves design in modern and eclectic style

This bathroom showcases the positive effects of intelligently placed mirrors in accentuating the size of a space. Small choices such as choosing transparent barriers over opaque shower curtains further assist in delivering this façade.

Classic western design was never shy in introducing shades of blue and green against the sandy over-tones. This bedroom embraces the zanier side of classic design with a nod to our own colourful heritage (the floral hues reminiscent of Peranakan design, in this case).

This bedroom is another example of such creative injections, but the fundamental shapes and colours remain persistently present.

Modern bedroom design with pink bedsheet
modern eclectic wardrobe and bedroom design

We continue to see the trend of deviation from classic colours in this final colourful bedroom. The sudden splash of colour in these more intimate and private portions of the house help to present a form of logical and visual segmentation. Once again however, the room remains deeply founded in tones of natural wood and harmonious contours.

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