Completed Projects

Eclectic 5 Room HDB Home Interior Design at Block 511B Yishun Ave 1

Unusual and eclectic style in the interior of the house is a mixture of styles, a combination of different directions. The eclectic interior is great for modern people who want to create and are not afraid to show their courage and go beyond the usual.

This living room follows a neutral colour palette with white, wood and grey elements. The basic colours match well together, it is rather hard to go wrong.

A floor to ceiling shoe cabinet also acts as a divider between the main entrance and the living room. A section of the cabinet has also been cut out, this section can then be utilised as a shelf to display pictures or even keep keys for easy and convenient access whenever you enter or leave the house.

The other side of the living room is where things start to stray away from the neutral colour palette that the living room followed. The dining set is a simple monoaromatic dining set with rather unique chairs. The wall behind is painted a vibrant electric blue for a not so subtle pop of colour, an interesting way of showcasing your personality in your home.

The kitchen seems to follow the electric blue scheme of the dining area with electric blue stripes lining its plain white cupboards.

A matching electric blue countertop has also been chosen as the colour of the island that separates the kitchen and dining area.

In the first bedroom, the theme of blue is also evident but not as obvious with subtle blue borders that line the floor to ceiling built in cabinets. An L shaped wardrobe can also be built for the extra storage space you need.

The home owners have chosen a fairly simple theme for their toilets.

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