Completed Projects

Mid Century Modern Executive HDB Home Interior Design at 303 Woodlands St 31

Mid Century Style is defined by several factors. The style gives us clean lines, gentle organic curves, a passion for different materials and designers that are idolized to this day.

The living area is bright and airy with generous natural lighting that helps to further brighten up the space. A drop down false ceiling with lighting has also been erected to make the space feel a little more cosy when the sun goes down.

A black marbled feature wall with wooden cabinets sitting just above it is surely the first thing to catch your eye when you walk into the house.

The dining space is simple yet elegant.

Spruce up your built-in wardrobe with a half and half design, as seen in this picture. This helps to keep the design of the room interesting and not one dimensional.

In the first bedroom, the owners have decided to go for a platform bed rather than the normal bedframe. Cosy yellow lighting has been installed at the foot of the platform.

There are many ways to spruce up built-in cabinets. In this bedroom, the cabinet acts as a divider between the main entrance of the room and the sleeping area. The cabinet also boasts yellow borders for a colour contrast and a slash pattern to keep things interesting.

The master bedroom toilet is designed rather simply. However, the brown tiles give the space an interesting look.

The second bedroom incorporates a lot more wooden elements in its design.

Floor to ceiling wooden cabinets line the second bedroom’s walls, giving it a classic look. A mirrored panel can also be installed.

The kitchen follows a simple wood and white theme. The light-coloured wooden cabinets go with the other white cabinets perfectly. To add in a pop of colour, the home owners have decided to go with a black coloured fridge instead of lighter coloured ones.

The yard is bright and airy, perfect for laundry day.

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