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Mid-Century Modern 4 Room HDB Home Interior Design at Rivervale Crescent

The enduring popularity of the Mid-Century Modern style is based on many factors. It gave us clean lines, gentle organic curves, a love for different materials and designers that are idolized even today.

While there is some disagreement about when the period started, it roughly lasted from the mid-1930s to mid-1960s. The timeless quality of the style, however, continues to appeal to today’s homeowners.

The house follows a neutral colour palette, the feature brick wall behind the TV really stands out because of its organic and earthly colour against the white walls and flooring. The wooden dining set adds a nice colour contrast to the room. The black lighting that has been fixated above the dining table adds a certain flair as well.

The bedroom follows a brown wooden theme with the built-in floor to ceiling wardrobe, flooring and vanity area. The grey leather chair adds in a subtle touch of colour as well.

The toilet showcases a wide length mirror, usually quite uncommon. The bigger the mirror is, the more natural light it reflects, this can be helpful in brightening out the room while giving an illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. Wooden cabinets can be seen under the sink, going really well with the lighter coloured counter top.

The kitchen also follows the wooden trend of the house with wooden drawers and cabinet under and over the sink. The black coloured fridge also matches the black subway tiles on the backsplash of the kitchen perfectly, bringing the entire look together.

The yard has been installed with a glass panelled sliding door. The glass enables natural lighting to flow into the space effortlessly, brightening up the kitchen.

The natural lighting coming through from the yard bounces off the white walls and flooring, making the space look more spacious and cleaner.

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