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Modern Corporate Interior Design at Avani Resources

Office design trends have evolved tremendously over the past few years. A full-time employee spends about eight hours a day at work, and it should be a space that offers them a pleasant and nurturing experience instead of burning them out.

Modern office design trends are slowly taking over, and they’re helping keep employees happy, energized, and more productive than ever.

Instead of a normal sign on the wall outside of the office, Avani resources has chosen to erect an upright platform sign with their office logo on top of it. It is certainly unique and eye-catching.

Avani Resource’s office space feature white desks with attached cabinets for employees to store their personal items. Black swivel chairs are also chosen as they make a good colour contrast against the white desks.

Your personal office space can be customised to your liking. These full glass floor to ceiling display cabinets with lights can be built should you have awards and trophies to display in your office.

Avani Resource’s office corridor features a patterned wall on one side and the glass panels of the meeting rooms on the other. The glass panels help to make the office space look more spacious.

Cubicles can be customised to the colour of your preference.

Full length floor to ceiling cabinets can be erected in any office space for extra storage space. Cabinets also feature a lock and key system to ensure privacy.

Avani Resource’s meeting rooms are spacious and bright. Wide windows allow lots of natural sunlight to flow into the room. When meetings are being held here, it is important for employees to not feel like they are cooped up in a room for too long. The wide windows and glass panels of the meeting room can help employees avoid feeling that way.

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