Completed Projects

Modern Luxury Condominium Home Interior Design at Grand Thomson

Modern luxe interior design seems to be increasingly popular nowadays when it comes to interior design. There is a perfectly good reason why, modern luxe interiors are often classy and elegant with stylish furniture that come together to create a simply beautiful look.

Marbled floors are always elegant and classy. A beautiful chandelier hangs directly above the modern dining set, giving the space additional character. The modern sofa sits in front of a feature wall with a mirrored border.

Marble elements can also be found in other elements of the design of the living room. The white marbled tv console and matching feature wall with mirrored stripes are a simply beautiful touch. A mirror panels help to brighten up the space even more as it reflects sunlight into the space as it sits directly opposite the window.

The first bedroom has been converted into a study area.

The second bedroom is modern with built in cabinet and shelving that sits above the bed. A bedframe is not always necessary as it can be built into the design of the room. Have a favourite colour but not sure how to properly showcase it into the design of your room? This room is a good example of how you can showcase your favourite colour subtly without going overboard.

The master bedroom is simply a work of art. Following a theme of light brown and white, floor to ceiling cabinets with sliding doors have been built into the wall directly across from the bed.

The owners have also built in a glass display cabinet to show off the owner’s designer bag collection.

Have an expensive alcohol collection but not sure how to showcase your prized possessions? This is a great example of how you can do so!

A built-in cabinet to display your knick-knacks and art can also be erected in the corridor leading to the bedrooms. It can also double up as extra storage space to keep clutter at bay.

The bathroom is bright and airy with mosaic tiles lining the floor and wall of the shower area.

The kitchen is rather simple with wooden cabinets and white counter tops. Simplicity is key.

Interior design doesn’t always have to be inside your home. It is possible to design the outside of your house as well. The owners have opted for a beautiful black and marbled patterned feature wall to be directly outside their home.

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