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Modern Victorian 5 Room HDB Home Interior Design at Boonlay View

Some may call this look eclectic, but we prefer to call this mixture, Modern Victorian. A modern Victorian interior design can be achieved by cleverly mixing the two styles together to create a home that looks luxurious and stylish.

modern victorian living room

The living room is well lit with natural light spilling in through the windows and reflecting off the white colour palette of the room. Carved wooden Victorian style furniture like the tv console, coffee table and drawers bring character into the room. Not forgetting the masterpiece of the room, the elegant chandelier that hangs from the Victorian style ceiling rose.

Victorian kitchen

The open concept kitchen brightens up the room and allows extra light flow into the house and also bounces off the white colour palette of the interior to create a well-lit space for you to cook up a storm. Victorian style cabinet handles are incorporated to bring the modern Victorian look together. A touch of bronze from the fridge adds a clever and elegant pop of colour to the room.

The dining area stands out with its elegant wooden carved Victorian style dining tables and chairs. The Victorian styled mirror on the wall reflects natural light coming from the open concept kitchen which cleverly brightens up the room.

The matching light coloured carved Victorian style cupboards, bedframe and dresser keeps up with the theme of the house elegantly. The dark coloured curtains bring a luxurious feel and a clever contrast of colour to the room. The element that ties everything together is the exquisite chandelier hanging from the elaborate ceiling rose.

Modern Victorian toilet bathroom

In the bathroom, the wide mirror panels reflect light to brighten up the room and also makes it look bigger than it really is. It also holds extra storage space behind it. The warm built in yellow light beneath the mirror cupboards give the bathroom a pop of elegance that goes well with the white colour palette of the room.

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