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Modern, Abstract 4 Room HDB Home Interior Design at Tampines

While the term “pop of colour” could mean any myriad of things, from a statement wall to a festive carpet. A room isn’t complete without leaving your own colourful mark on it. It is, after all, a tried-and-true way to highlight architectural details and lend personality to an otherwise neutral space.

Sometimes, all it takes is a pair of colourful sofas to really pull a room together. This living room had a chic, but understated palette that required a little livening up. A vibrant and cosy way to upgrade any living space, complemented perfectly with a grey furry rug and black coffee table that doubles up as storage space for pillows.

Across the sofa sits the tv against a featured marbled wall. The owners have also chosen to have shelving installed on the wall to display their alcohol collection, an interesting way to spice things up!

A normal clock might be too boring for such an abstract home. The home owners have chosen to have a clock wall mural instead. The living room also boasts a false ceiling with installed lighting. The wooden fan that matches the bedroom doors also comes lighting should it be necessary to brighten up the space.

Why go to the cinema and pay for overpriced tickets and snacks when you can have your very own movie experience in the comfort of your home? These home owners chose to paint the room walls a vibrant blue colour and complement the walls with a matching blue rug.

Unlike the false ceiling light in the living room, the home cinema has track lights instead. Track lights can be added and remove according to your lighting needs.

The most eye-catching part of the bedroom is the grey marbled floor to ceiling wardrobe, it truly stands out against the white walls.

Following a neutral colour palette, the bed frame is also grey like the built-in wardrobe.

On the other side of the bedroom, the home owners have chosen to feature a makeup table, perfect for the lady of the house to get ready in the mornings. The built-in cabinet and drawers with mirrored doors make it easy to keep skincare or make up items for your convenience.

The master toilet is truly a special part of the house as it is usually rare to see bathtubs in HDB flats because of the lack of space. Sticking to the neutral colour palette like the rest of the house, beige coloured wall tiles and a slightly darker floor make the room look almost resort-esque.

Having a bath tub in a HDB flat is usually a rare sighting and most Singaporeans think that its entirely impossible. However, with the right bathroom layout, your bathtub dreams can come true.

The guest room boasts a wooden theme, with a matching dresser, bedside table and bed frame. It may look simple as compared to the rest of the house, but sometimes simplicity is key.

The set of wardrobes in the guest bedroom also follow the simple but chic wooden theme as the rest of the furniture in the room.

The kitchen is simply unique, with an unusual mix of vibrant blue, white and light-coloured wooden kitchen cabinets. The black fridge is a sleek and clever way of adding in a stark contrast into the room.

You can really see how the vibrant blue cabinets really stand out against the neutral colour palette of the rest of the kitchen, making it unique in its own way.

For the dining room of the house, the owners have gone with a light-coloured wood dining set with matching chairs. Their light that hangs above the dining table really stands out as it is abstract and not something you will see in everyone’s home.

The owners have also chosen to have a built-in bench that also acts as a divider between the front door and the rest of the house for additional privacy.

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