Completed Projects

Modern Contemporary Executive Apartment Interior Design at 850 Hougang Central

This executive apartment was created with a modern contemporary theme in mind. We kept the use of colours to white, black and grey in order to create a continuous flow in this large space.

The homeowners had a huge issue with storage space living in a house with 6 children. We built in cabinets stretching across this entire wall. Although the corridor space is reduced, by making it seem like it blends into the wall, the living area still looks spacious.

The depth of the shoe cabinet and TV cabinet is different. To maximise space, we created a slanted open-shelf cabinet. We kept the number of open shelves minimal but strategically placed to maintain the rest of the spaces for storage. The use of a dark word interior and under lights contrasts with the white walls and shelves, making the display items stand out even more.

In order to maintain the continuity and the spaciousness of the living area, we created a dining table which extends from the kitchen top of the open-concept kitchen. This dining table is thus multi-functional. It can be used as an extended kitchen-top, a study table, and even has shelving and power sockets below. 

Extending this dining table as an island from the kitchen instead of a standalone table creates a smooth flow between both spaces. In addition to the light and neutral colour palate, the space looks extra roomy. 

This room showcases the use of 2 different techniques to increase the number of people one room can accommodate – the double-decker and the storage bed. This maintains the amount of floor space and ensures that the room doesn’t get too cramped even with four people.

Making use of a full-height sliding door cabinets is also practical for saving space and reducing the number of surfaces that need to be cleaned. We also designed a study area with cabinets in this master bedroom so that the owners are able to concentrate on work in the privacy of their own rooms.

Staying consistent with the modern contemporary theme, we installed down lights and cove lights around the room. Having multiple different types of lighting allows the owners flexibility in adjusting the brightness of their room.

Grey is a popular colour requested for the toilet walls and floor tiles to keep it sleek and sophisticated. 

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