Completed Projects

Modern Executive Condominium Home Interior Design at The Visionaire

With this renovation project, we largely made use of existing furniture, providing modern elements to the house while coordinating the design colours and concept of the Executive Condo. While negotiating with the lack of floor space, we managed to solve our owner’s concerns, including a lack of storage, and a living space that was too dim and enclosed. 

When working with a single neutral colour palette, it is important to find the balance between different types of finishes and textures. Light bounces off different types of surfaces in numerous ways, adding depth and a feeling of warmth to the room.

The textured feature wall and TV console has a matte finish, while the curtain colour is more vibrant and has a light sheen. The couch and cushions achieve a similar effecting of contrasting surfaces.

With a small living space, it was hard to fit in a traditional dining table. We helped the owners to think outside the box by designing a bar counter. Along with the open divider between the kitchen and the living room it is a multi-functional table-top for both kitchen and dining. 

For the bedroom, constructed a larger storage cabinet, and a bay window with a cushion settee that the owner can use for storage space. This bay window is s a little corner of the room open to many possibilities. It can function as a reading corner, part of a bedside table, a display area or all of the above. 

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