Completed Projects

Modern Eclectic 5-room HDB Home Interior Design at Serangoon North Avenue 3

Upgrade the look and feel of your flat with a simple renovation. Stylerider’s latest project features a sleek minimalist design concept, with hints of marble and a pop of colour amongst darker tones.

As this house does not have a storeroom, it was important to incorporate more storage spaces into the house. This design of this cabinet gives the illusion of being part of the wall, and doubles as a display area for your fondest memories.

Carrying on with the marble theme, we created a feature wall where the TV console is. The marble stands out even more with the backlighting atop a dark background. The marble panel which extends beyond the dark back panel breaks the symmetry of the living room, once again drawing attention to this wall as the highlight of this living space. 

A curved false ceiling coupled with additional backlighting elongates the living room and gives the illusion of added height. Cove lighting can give your house an upgraded look, while still keeping the design sleek and tasteful.

The owner of this house stated that they preferred a darker kitchen look, presenting a potential problem of monotony or dullness. To combat this, we played with different textures and surfaces to add visual weight. This black kitchen top has hints of blue crystal, contrasting with the matte finish of the cement-coloured cabinets. The yellow light fixtures add warmth to the grey tones.

Throughout the house, we employed the classic approach of a two-toned wall, painting the top half of the walls a lighter colour than the bottom. This makes the ceilings appear higher and the room look more spacious.

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