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Modern Luxury 5 Room HDB Home Interior Design at 52 Strathmore Avenue

Luxury is an extremely vague term. For some people, it relates to an aesthetic, while for others, it’s overindulgence. But when it comes to interior design, we can all agree that “luxury” is actually a lifestyle. The concept of luxury interior design can be achieved through various styles, all of them bringing something new to the visual palate.

This modern luxurious style living boasts a cosy and yet elegant feel. The contrast between the dark wooden floors and rugs makes for a good colour blocking. Following a somewhat colourful theme, the home owners have decided to stray from the norm of neutral colours with yellow curtains and a blue couch.

On the other side of the living room sits their dining table with eye popping blue chairs that seem to bring the entire look of the room together. Along the walls, the homeowners have also chosen marbled and silver furniture that really elevates the “lux” look of the house. Walls looking too plain? Decorate them with framed wall art or something out of the ordinary like that eye-catching piece seen in this picture.

The living room space really screams “lux” with the marbled designed carpet that matches the couch. Statement pillows can also make a room stand out effortlessly. The eye-catching lighting piece that hangs in the middle of the ceiling ties the entire look together.

The master bedroom boasts a simple design that has been elevated by statement pieces like the lighting and bedside lamp. The home owners have also decided to go with an extremely unique bathroom design by breaking down the surrounding walls and having them fitted with frosted glass, adding on to the luxurious feel of the room.

Bedsheets are a simple yet effective way of adding colour to any bedroom without having to commit to any permanent designs. The master bedroom also boasts a comfortable reading corner by the window for days you just feel like unwinding with a book and great view.

The blue bay window cushions really stand out against the fairly neutral colour scheme of the room and effortlessly matches the bedsheets. Once again, you can find art lining the walls in this house, simply bringing the room’s look alive.

The wall at the entrance to the master bedroom is cleverly lined with built in cupboards that adds loads of storage space for the homeowners.

Once you step in the master bathroom, all your worries will seemingly melt away with the cosy and elegant design with soft yellow lighting that is known to elevate moods.

Lighting can also be installed under the sink if you need that additional lighting boost and they also help the marbled backsplash stand out elegantly. The bathroom cupboards are a simple light wooden brown that adds a little bit of a colour contrast against the marbled white walls.

Want to make your shower area stand out against the rest of the bathroom? Choose to go with darker tiles. Built in shelving area of your toiletries can also be added to save you the hassle of installing metal shelving that can be troublesome to install and ultimately spoil the look of the shower area.

Following the master bedroom, the owners have chosen to add in pops of colours into the room with bedsheets and curtains. Extremely ideal for people that can’t commit to a colour scheme, feel free to switch up the colours in the room whenever you feel like.

The guest bedroom is simple yet elegant with floor to ceiling built in cupboards that offer you loads of storage space.

This room is elevated with the subtle yet eye-catching black features like the curtain rod, shelving and bed frame. The owners have also chosen to put in a unique and antique looking chest in the room, giving it an almost oriental feel with the pops of red.

In the next bedroom, vibrant bursts of blue immediately meets your eye. With the window side of the wall in a calming sea blue, the bedsheets and also beanbag that sits beside the desk.

Sticking to the blue theme, the striped blue and white rug brings the whole look together, making a really good and vibrant colour contrast against the dark wooden floor.

Fancy a space to display art? An almost mantelpiece can be built specially for that reason.

Flowers are a smart and elegant way of bring life into a room, adding a good splash of colour without having to commit to a permanent feature.

Sitting elegantly beside the eye-catching one-seater couch are chic chairs with gold hardware. A mirror in the living area is also a smart way to brighten up the space as it reflects the natural light that seeps into the room in the day.

Following the same style of the master bedroom toilet, the common toilet looks equally as cosy and luxurious. Have extra wall space to spare? Choose to go for wide mirrors that can really help open and brighten up the space effortlessly.

Matching the dark wooden floors, this unique drawer piece doubles as a place to display art and decorations.

The kitchen is simple yet elegant. White panelled cupboards make the space look really clean and bright while the backsplash adds some sort of character to the room.

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