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Modern Minimalist 4 Room HDB Home Interior Design at Bukit Batok West Terra

We all like to be able to come home and feel relaxed and comfortable, however sometimes if we walk into a room filled with piles of washing, random paperwork and corners full of dust it can just leave us feeling even more stressed out and unsettled.

Recent research has shown that having a cluttered and untidy home can cause high levels of stress and even make you ill. The lighting, space and room design used within a fresh home can have a big effect on how you feel.

In the living room, mess and clutter is kept at bay with cabinets and drawers. Modern minimalistic homes often follow a simple and neutral colour palette, like this living room.

A simple and neutral colour palette can be seen in the kitchen. Brown wooden cabinets line both sides of the kitchen, going really nicely against the floor tiles. A pop of black here and there also helps to tie the entire look the kitchen together.

In the yard, a sliding glass door has been installed, this ties in really well with the look of the kitchen and also enables natural sunlight to flow into the kitchen, brightening the space up.

In the bedroom, dark coloured floor to ceiling wardrobes can be seen. The two-toned wardrobes add an interesting and modern flair to the room.

Metal track lights can be seen in this angle of the bedroom, giving the room more character and the freedom to add and remove additional lighting should you wish to. The green wall also adds in a fun pop of colour.

The thing about floor to ceiling wardrobes are that sometimes, things might seem a little bit out of reach due to how high the wardrobe goes. Customisable hanging racks can be installed to ease the pain of having to tip toe when choosing clothes, starting your day on a good note. Perfect for the elderly or children.

In a separate bedroom, you can see that the walls have been partially hacked to create windows, this makes the room look bigger than it really is. The blue coloured wall adds in a pop a colour into the room, giving it a true modern look.

Looking back at the living room, you can see how the colour contrast of black and white really tie the entire look together. An additional seating area can be created on top of cabinets if you’re someone who likes to host gatherings in the comfort of your own home. A marbled like feature wall rests behind the TV, standing out gracefully while keeping in tune with the modern minimalistic design of the house.

The wooden dining set looks amazing against the lighter coloured wooden flooring.

In the toilet, things are kept simple with a neutral colour tone and wooden cabinets.

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