Completed Projects

Modern Scandinavian 5-room HDB Home Interior Design at Bedok St 41

The owners of this house were very sure of what they wanted. Making the collaboration process pleasurable and extremely efficient! The colour palette of the house makes use mainly of cool and neutral colours, including light woods, white and some grey.

The storeroom or the in-house bomb shelter that comes with every house in Singapore can disrupt the flow and the theme of the house. We helped to build a false all over it, making it part of the feature wall.

The living room is kept simple. With the walls and couch in grey, we placed some pastel and muted red furniture that provided a pop of colour.

We designated a display area for photographs, posters and any decorative items to make the house feel more homely. In order to maintain the neutral colour palette throughout the house, we helped advise them on what textures and colours to use. 

The Scandinavian concept does not require complicated light fixtures, so we kept it clean with common light fixtures such as track lights, standing lights and simple hanging lights.

To create an open concept kitchen and maximise the usage of space, we tore down the wall between the kitchen and the living room and created a bar counter with a foldable sliding window. This gives more flexibility for the owners to negotiate the space based on their different usage.

Leaving the window open can allow for greater light and airflow around the house, and would be an easy way to bring food in and out of the kitchen. Alternatively, closing the windows helps to contain oil and strong smells within the kitchen. 

The floor is overlaid with old school, Scandinavian design tiles, while the walls make use of subway tiles. This is specifically chosen to fit the theme.

The toilet walls make use of subway and marble tiling. We made use of woods and yellow light fixtures to add warmth to the otherwise cool-toned white tiles.

We combined two rooms to create one big master bedroom to accommodate an extra seating area, a walk-in wardrobe and a study and gaming area. 

By adding a wardrobe in the middle of the room, it splits the room into different spaces for different functions. Because the space is narrower, making use of glass doors prevents the room from looking too cramped or heavy.

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