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Monochrome Modern 4 Room HDB Home Interior Design at Yishun Street 21

When it comes to redesigning a house, the first decision is usually, “which colour?” and sometimes, that can be the hardest choice of all.

Here’s one way we avoid having to coordinate colours: designing a room with a monochromatic colour palette. It’s an incredibly simple way to bring elegance into your home and it’s becoming increasingly popular in interior design.

So why go for monochrome? Monochrome easily creates harmony — because it’s really all one base colour. By choosing a monochromatic colour palette, you have your unifying element from the start. Going monochrome will guide your decisions, and pull everything together seamlessly.

The owners have chosen to follow a monochromatic colour palette throughout the entire house, as their walls are painted white, that acts as the base colour. Black furniture helps to tie the monochromatic look together.

In this alternating angle of the living room, you can see that all of the furniture, including the fan and lighting are all black. The room looks elegant effortlessly.

The living room also features a white marbled feature wall, it is classy and stands out beautifully against the monochromatic look of the room. The dark furry carpet also stands out against the light flooring tiles, giving the room a cosy feel.

The living room also features a false ceiling lighting style.

Still sticking to the monochromatic theme of the house, naturally the dining set is also black and white. However, instead of choosing an all-black dining set, the owners opted for a white marble table and black chairs. The silver legs of the dining table and chairs also gives out a classy look and keeps it interesting.

Before the entrance to the kitchen, the owners have opted to install a small island countertop that doubles up as additional storage space and sitting space. The blue chairs give the room a pop of colour, without straying too far away from the theme of the house. The patterned floor tiles give the room an interesting look while sticking to the monochromatic colour palette of the house.

The kitchen features sliding black framed glass doors that accentuate the entrance beautifully.  Glass doors also allow natural lighting from the kitchen windows to flow in to the rest of the house, even if they are in use.

The kitchen features white countertops and black wooden cabinets and drawers. The backsplash that the clients have chosen stands out against the dark wood, keeping the look of the kitchen interesting instead of going for plain white walls.

The kitchen features a silver stainless steel sink with a flexible tap that can be adjusted accordingly to the height you prefer easily.

The silver kitchen hood stands out beautifully against the black wooden cabinets in the kitchen, it is a simple yet clever touch to add in a subtle touch of colour in a monochromatic themed house. The owners have also opted for a black induction stove instead of a traditional one. Induction stoves are a more environmentally friendly option of cooking as they run on electricity and do not need gas to function. They are also easier to clean as compared to traditional gas stoves.

This picture shows a closer look of how beautiful the backsplash of the kitchen is.

In their common toilet, the owners have opted for an all-white look with simple glossy checkered tiles that reflect natural light coming in from the window, naturally brightening up the space in the day. Straying away from the monochromatic colour palette of the house, an all-white toilet looks effortlessly clean and bright. The common toilet also features silver elements in its design, like the showerhead and towel rack.

The master bedroom follows the monochrome colour palette of the house and also features a small platform to put the mattress on with lighting. Instead of going with full white walls, a black panel that connects to the platform has been installed for a more creative look. The bedside table features a marble design, matching the dining table and feature wall in the living room.

In the next room, the owners decided to customise and build a floor to ceiling closet with glass sliding doors that take up one length of the wall. This is a clever idea if you need more closet space than your bedroom can fit. The room also doubles up as a study with a long black wooden desk on the opposite wall.

The study/closet room keeps in tune with the monochromatic theme of the house.

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