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Scandinavian 3 Room HDB Home Interior Design at West Terra Bukit Batok

Minimalist style may have come and gone, but there is one iteration of clean design that will never go out of style. Contrary to more sparse, colourless spaces, Scandinavian interior design uses a blend of textures, contrasts, and soft hues to make sleek, modern furniture feel warm and inviting.

In the living room, there is a lot of brown wooden elements being incorporated into the look. They really help to give the room a more homely and cosier feel while also making sure it looks sleek and inviting. Wooden elements also give a nice but not drastic colour contrast against the white walls and flooring.

The dark and modern sofa looks inviting and cosy against the white walls and flooring, making it the perfect space to come home to after a long day at work. A dark wooden coffee table matches the sofa perfectly. Across the sofa, the design features a built-in wooden TV cabinet that allows you to store unsightly items that might make the room look too cluttered if left lying about.

Are you a music lover like these homeowners? Why not incorporate your love for music into your home design? As seen in this picture, a feature wall stands boldly behind the black wooden piano, making it stand out beautifully.

In the kitchen, more wooden elements have been incorporated into the design. Light wooden cabinets line both sides of the kitchen, sticking true to the Scandinavian design of the house.

Hints of silver can be seen all over the kitchen, giving it a very sleek and classy feel. The silver coloured fridge stands out boldly against the light wooden cabinets and light-coloured floor tiles.

In the bedroom, a more obvious use of colours has been incorporated into the design of the room while still sticking to the trend of light-coloured flooring. The bottom half of the walls have been painted with a nice lilac colour that seems to tie the whole look together.

The bedroom also features built-in floor to ceiling wardrobes that give you ample space for storage while also sticking to the trend of incorporating wooden elements into the space. The middle section of the wardrobe doors is white which helps to tie the look together as it goes really well with the walls and light-coloured flooring.

In the second bedroom, a simpler design approach has been chosen. Wooden elements are also featured in the space, however in black colour. The black furniture really stands out against the rest of the lighter coloured elements in the room.

A floor to ceiling built in wardrobe has also been built in this bedroom, this time with a full-length mirrored door. The mirrored door helps to brighten up the space by reflecting natural light from the window and helps to make the room seem bigger than it really is.

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