Completed Projects

Simple Luxury 3 Room HDB Home Interior Design at Kampong Arang

Scandinavian interior design is known for its minimalist colour palettes, cosy accents, and striking modern furniture. Designs often play with natural light—which is a hot commodity in Nordic countries.

The living room of the house follows a neutral colour palette featuring really clean lines and modern furniture. A lot of use of wooden elements have also been incorporated into the design of the room with the wooden tv console, flooring and dining table set. A modern cream coloured sofa adds a nice touch of colour in brightening up the space.

Lighting in a false drop-down ceiling has also added an interesting touch to the room.

When you first enter the house, the first thing that meets your eye will be this floor to ceiling built in cabinet specifically designed to store your shoes. Sticking to the trend of incorporating wooden elements into the design, the shoe cabinet is wooden but also features white panelled doors that perfectly matches the white walls.

Tired of boring bedroom doors that don’t match the rest of your house? Why not opt for textured wooden doors for a unique change? The textured wooden bedroom doors match the flooring of the house but also stands out perfectly against the white walls. The red leather dining chairs add a subtle pop of colour to the room.

In the kitchen, the wooden elements have been noticeable toned down with a lighter coloured wood being used. Wooden cabinets line the kitchen walls with a slightly lighter wood colour being used for the cabinets above the kitchen counter.

In the bathroom, the design is kept minimalistic with mostly white colour being used. They look really nice against the darker coloured floor which keeps it interesting.

In a 3 room HDB flat, there usually is not much room to spare. In this scenario, the extra storage room at the back of the house has been broken down to create a larger living space. It can be transformed into a laundry area while also brightening up the house with the natural lighting coming through from the windows.

In the bedroom, the trend of incorporating wooden elements in the design continues.

In the bedroom, a floor to ceiling built in wardrobe lines the wall. To keep things interesting and allow you to display pictures of loved ones, the wardrobe also features a shelf with lighting installed.

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