Completed Projects

Wood and Earth elements 2-bedroom Condominium Interior Design at Mandarin Gardens

This house was designed for homeowners who intend to revamp it for future tenant usage. Take a look at how we elevated the look of this 2-bedroom Condo with the use of woody and earthy elements throughout the unit. 

The same vinyl flooring is extended throughout the house, giving the unit a uniformed look throughout.

We designed a larger, easy-access storage space with the drawers placed outside. That way, the users don’t have to open the doors before having being able to open the drawers. By installing handles, we minimised the door gaps.

Cool-tone colours like grey give the impression that the space is receding, making it feel more spacious. These colours are soothing and bring a sense of calm to a space. The classic grey here gives the bathroom a sleek finish

A curved space is pleasing to the eye, and is an element of interest amidst the typically angled corners we are used to seeing. However, working with it can be tough, and was definitely a challenge in the design of this home.

We decided to cut the tiles into smaller stripes so as to maintain the shape of the curve in the room. It is important to work around the curved shape to tile the kitchen as tiles are more resistant to spills and stains. We also chose quartz countertops for its tough durability. A darker colour is chosen to minimise the appearance of stains as well. 

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