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Wood, Earthly Modern 4 Room HDB Home Interior Design at Buangkok Link

The word “modern” is one of the most misused phrases in decorating. Often confused with contemporary style, today’s modern style is actually based on a design movement that was birthed around the turn of the 20th century. Modern style furnishings and decor celebrate natural materials, neutral or earthy colours, and the elimination of unnecessary detailing. While you may see a range of colours in contemporary styling, modern styles would have monochromatic colours.

In this living room, you can see the mix of natural materials and earthly colours in the light-coloured wooden floors and tv console. The feature wall behind the tv showcases a mix of light coloured and dark coloured wood, giving it a subtle edge.

The living room boasts a false ceiling lighting and a dark coloured wooden fan that perfectly complement that black leather sofa. To make things cosier, the walls have also been painted a neutral beige colour to tie things together.

Following through with the earthly neutral colour palette of the house, the brown curtains that flow from the ceiling to the floor brings the modern look together perfectly.

Once you enter through the main door of the house, an elegant floor to ceiling built in cabinet meets your eye. They provide adequate storage space for your shoes and other knick knacks and also matches the rest of the house perfectly.

Who doesn’t love additional storage space to keep the clutter at bay? This shoe cabinet that lines the wall keeps things interesting and allow you to display your prized possessions. Make your decorations stand out even more with the lighting that comes installed with it. It is also a clever way to hide the door of the bomb shelter.

The open concept kitchen with a white island countertop stands out immediately as it is simply eye-catching. The light wooden dining table with matching beige chairs sits in front of the kitchen island, bearing white and wooden details for their legs, they once again perfectly complement the earthy neutral colour palette of the house.

Although open concept, the kitchen also comes installed with a black framed glass door and windows that slide close over the island countertop. Ideal for when you want to cook up a storm but not stink up the entire house while doing it.

Above the dining table hang 3 lights bearing silver and light-coloured wooden elements. Additional lighting can be installed under the island to amp up the cosiness of the room.

In the kitchen, the first thing that will catch your eye is rose gold fridge. Rose gold and light-coloured wood make the perfect modern combination. The light-coloured wooden theme of the house continues with the cabinets, to make things more interesting, white can also be incorporated in for a chic colour contrast. The entrance to the yard has been painted black to match the framed glass door and windows of the kitchen.

Subway tiles are incorporated into the back splash of the kitchen.

In the first bedroom, matching wooden desks with white drawers have been put into place, creating the perfect space for gaming or work. Shelving can also be installed for additional storage or display space. Blinds have also been installed in this room to control the amount of light that enters the room on a much too sunny day.

Behind the wooden desks stands a white rectangular shelf, perfect to store your board game collection that don’t belong in the storeroom, where they are left to be forgotten and collect dust. Take every chance to show off your impressive collection like these house owners.

In the toilet, a slightly darker wooden theme has been chosen. Silver elements in the room perfectly complement the rest of the interior and brightens up the space.

Something as simple as a circular mirror instead of a rectangle or square one can really do wonders.

In the bedroom, a slightly darker flooring has been chosen, as compared to the living room.

Floor to ceiling built in cabinets give you ample storage space to house your clothes and other belongings. The bedroom wall has been painted grey to give the room a pop of colour. The owners have also chosen dark grey curtains to match the wall.

In place of a bedside table, the cabinet can be extended to mimic one.

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