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House Design Tips

Renovating a home in Singapore can be a challenge, especially if you’re working with a small HDB flat or condo apartment. So how do Singapore interior designers come up with such stylish homes? We picked out 6 of our favourite design tricks that you can incorporate into your own home renovation.   Hidden Storage Is […]

Amazing Condominium Designs

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when somebody mentions the word condominiums? Or rather, what traits do you commonly associate with a condominiums? Most people would describe condominiums as “urban”, “modern”, “classy”, and the like. Read on to see why.   This interior is riding the less-is-more wave pretty well, as evident […]

How to Save Space For Your House

A BTO (Build to Order) flat is a home allocation system by the Singapore Housing and Development Board. They have a limited amount of square footage, which means that they are quite small in size. So, Interior design in Singapore is being adapted to suit the ergonomics and comfort of these HDB flats. Small homes might be […]

HDB Room Designs

An island with a fast-growing metropolitan population, Singapore can’t grow sideways (horizontally) any more—so it has to grow upwards (vertically). Singaporeans understand this situation, and they’ve adapted pretty well to the limited space constraints in remarkable ways indeed, as evidenced in some of the following featured stylishly small HDB flats. As of 2014, there are […]

Kitchen Island Designs for Singapore Homes

The kitchen island is, arguably, one of the dream designs most homeowners want during their renovation. Not only does it look impressive, it’s also a very functional layout whether you’re an aspiring home chef or an occasional cook. For most of us, space is a factor that prevents us from including an island in our […]

5 Ways To Choose The Right Interior Designer

The difference between having a home whose interior oozes with splendor and one that is a constant source of shame lies in choosing the right interior designer. How so? Interior designers have the knowledge and expertise to turn your average-looking home into a marvel. There are numerous interior design firms and contractors in Singapore, however […]

What To Look Out For When Choosing An Interior Design Package

With so many reviews and forums to sieve through, deciding on an interior designer can sometimes be a daunting process. You sign up at a local renovation site, and next thing you know you get dozens of calls from different ID companies asking you to come down for a consultation. Forums and friends’ reviews don’t […]

When Should You Start Planning Your Renovation

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You’d be surprised – the best time to start planning a renovation is actually a year before collecting your house keys. Like all major decisions in life, it pays to think carefully and ahead. And creating a dream home that you’ll have to live in for years? We think […]

Things to Do to Keep Renovation Process Fuss-Free

Getting the keys to your new BTO flat can be immensely exciting, but when you’re standing in a bare, unfurnished home, the amount of renovation work before you can seem quite daunting. Renovating your entire home is not just a massive undertaking, but an expensive one as well. Here are some important things every new […]

How Much Should You Budget For Home Renovation

The most expensive thing you can buy in Singapore is probably your home. Given that kind of investment, we see why you’d want to make your home as good looking as possible. To help you see how much you need to spend, where all the money goes, and how you can keep the budget low, […]