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Wall Issues for Older Interiors

Before renovating your new home, the thought of being able to move in at soonest is exciting. However, during the handovers, clients are commonly facing disappointment with their designers for certain finishes which they’d set an expectation on.  One common argument between the client & the designers are the finishes of the newly painted walls. […]

Planning for renovation for a HDB

Before starting renovation work on your house, there are some things that you should look out for. For example, the beams and columns in your house, or what we call the structural supports of the interior unit. It is highly recommended that you do some research about the regulations by the relevant authorities before starting […]

What to expect in a renovation for a resale flat in Singapore

Buying a new house for the first time is an exciting thing. However, most first-time house owners are generally clueless about how the renovation process works for resale flats. Here’s a common generic flow on how usually renovation takes place for revamping of a resale flat. Demolition First of all, demolition works will take place. […]

Renovation Journey with Lisa

We’ve heard the phrase: “less is more.” many times in our lives. Such concept has slowly integrated into the realm of interior design as well. Instead of a fanciful luxurious home, many of us prefer to live in a functional and uncluttered home. Well, simplicity does not necessary mean unimaginative and boring. In this article, […]

Minimalist with storage

Theme: Luxury & Contemporary We’ve seen so many photos of beautiful homes on the internet and i believe all of us yearn to have such well-designed home. Yet, many of us had no idea where to kick start the interior design and renovation. Here is a little story of Lisa’s renovation journey. Living Room At […]