Learn the difference between some of the more common materials used for floorings at home

Different Types of Floors for Home (Marble, Tiles, Cement, Etc)

The type of flooring could make a significant difference in the appearance and finishing of your home. Good looking flooring could enhance the value of the home and would definitely attract unlimited compliments. Here we explore the difference options in flooring that local Singaporeans may choose to opt for in their dream homes.

 Homogeneous Tile

When in need of flooring that requires heavy duty, homogeneous tile is the best affordable alternative. Homogeneous tile could be used as both wall & floor tiles, or even as countertops. Homogeneous tiles comes with both gloss & unglazed finish, which means there is a wide selection for you to choose from!

Homogeneous tiles that comes with unglazed finish are the best alternative for flooring options because of the possibility of standing water. Some of the most popular finishes available are matte, embossed, glazed and textured ones for anti-slip.

Homogeneous tiles, similar to ceramic tiles in nature, are made of porcelain color through tile body, are the best to hide scratches or damages due to their composition if it’s an unglazed finish, for gloss wise minor scratches are inevitable

 Parquet Flooring

One of the favorites types of Hardwood flooring, parquet flooring presents a combination of beauty and durability that would rarely have for a flooring material. This type of flooring provides a long-lasting product, wear resistant surface that could be re varnished if necessary. However, certain grades of parquet flooring might darken with age and some others could shrink and expand creating gaps in the floor surface. But fret not, these expanded floor gaps can be filled up if you seek the right professional.

Laminate Flooring vs Vinyl Flooring

One of the cheapest flooring types available locally, laminate flooring is very easy to maintain. However, laminate flooring could not be re varnished and can be scratched on the surfaces easily. For installations in high-moisture rooms, laminate flooring of lower grade may not be able to last long.

Vinyl flooring provides a strong, durable surface that can resist burns, scratches, and chips. It is an excellent solution for high traffic areas, also it resembles natural woods’ surfaces and comes in a wide range of colors and designs.Vinyl flooring has grown significantly in popularity as it’s easier to install and maintain than more traditional surfaces such as parquet flooring.

Marble tiles are one of the most durable and versatile tiles to use. They can be used for your floors, walls, and hallway columns. These tiles are easily cleaned and maintained. They are also very easy to engrave with stylish textures and designs that suit your artistic tastes.

Marble tiles make an elegant foyer and come in many colours. It comes in a wide range of colours and variations and is used in such things as sculpture as well as architecture and a building material for thousands of years, but its main use is in flooring. The tiles are available in different sizes, usually around 12×12 and are easy to install.

With that being said, there might be many questions regarding the ideal type of flooring for your homes. Feel free to contact our staffs at 6635 8010 or fill in the contact form here .