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Congratulations in obtaining on your free copy of your e-guide book for defect checking.

You’re on your way in preparing your new home to be ready for renovation.

But wait, have you had an idea on what you want for your home yet?

Have you & your spouse decided on how your storages are to be planned?

Have you started sourcing for design ideas for your home?

Or have you seen designs which originates from the European countries & you’re afraid that you cannot use these designs in your new home?

We know that you have the desire to do BIG THINGS…

but you’re being limited in this global crisis…

And you have a story and a message that needs to be heard…

And you know the right way to do that is you need to have a reliable design book that can tell you what can be accomplished in Singapore with your renovation cost lessen! 

Here’s something that I wish to tell you:

What do all Singaporean home owners have in common?

They all believe that by getting ideas from all over the Internet,

and with their inputs they can modify these ideas,

and develop something for their new homes.

But what’s the truth?

90% of Singapore home owners admit that they are unable to develop what they call their dream interior as they’re fully overloaded with images they see from the Internet, & 70% out of this pool admits that the designs they see online, more than 50% cannot be accomplished in Singapore due to restriction in spaces or ceiling heights.

Not only that, they end up paying more than what they should for their renovation because they cannot convey to their renovating contractors on what their expectation is.

And for this we are not talking about a few hundred dollars, but at least a good amount of $8000 at least.

Overloading yourself with information from the Internet is not fully incorrect, but instead you definitely need a reliable source on this.

Stylerider presents you the Design Magazine which we included a library of more than 100 BTO custom designs of different layouts… 

catering for families with different needs, and we also recommend the latest design trends which are popular for this year.

In this design magazine we’d also included more than 50 ideas of furnishings that you can decorate your home with to build that dream interior.

Not only that, but realistic ideas and materials that can be found in Singapore which are used to build these designs are also included so you can use this to speak with your contractors on your renovation requirements.

Stylerider is really happy to see this Design Magazine helping owners understand their new homes better, and also how they could derive to the style they want for their homes and finalise their renovation plans even quicker then expected.

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So, let me ask you, do you want a home that is beautifully designed with the look that will last you for 10 good years, and yet without the need to pay $8000 more for your renovation?

Here’s What You’ll Get With The Design Magazine.

With 100 custom designs included in this copy, & more than 50 ideas of furnishing.

We are letting only the first 100 sincere homeowners who wish to save their pockets further to benefit from this offer before this count down ends for today.

With the potential value of at least $8000 in place, we are offering you a sweet deal of only $15.99 SGD.

Grab your sweet deal now and start saving $8000 at least for your renovation!


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